Why Small Southern Towns Are Big

Living in a sleepy little town like Statesville, it’s easy to assume the conflict in the world around us will not find it’s way here. This is a great town. Everyone knows their neighbors, and the community is active and proud of the history and culture of the place they were born and raised. Even migrants, like my husband and me, feel a sense of pride to belong in a place we thought was extinct. It’s easy to be cynical when you’ve lived your life in the city, or even in the Suburbs. The rule of thumb is to stay to yourself, mind your own business and hopefully you won’t get pulled into a nasty dispute between neighbors, or even worse, the HOA.

It’s easy to see why people are moving to small towns across the south, trying to rebuild the sense of community our parents and grandparents had. Life in a small, southern town is not for everyone, but people are seeing the advantage of raising families in places where churches have potluck dinners, friends stop over during an illness instead of texting. Isn’t it amazing community members look forward to walking around town on Saturday morning? It’s almost certain you will run into someone you know while strolling. We moved here because the people who live here share our values and interests. It’s easy to see the pride in the history of our town, but also the commitment in continuing to improve the community. The residents of Statesville are invested in preserving the past, because the past has carved a place in the hearts of all who live here.

Published by statesville2020

Francie has spent her thirty year career as a licensed family therapist. She is a freelance writer & her work has been published in medical journals, magazines, and newspapers. Francie lives in Statesville, NC with her husband, Kevin, and their two dogs, Gypsy & Bella.

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